31/08/2010 17:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Design Inspiration: Kate Moss' Dreamy Holiday Destination

Frenchmans Lookout Kate Moss One of the posh amenities at Frenchman's Lookout is a backyard pool, complete with chic chaises. Photo: Frenchman's Lookout

Borrow the breezy, island decor of this Kate Moss getaway favourite

Every celebrity needs an island getaway to escape the paparazzi, and for Kate Moss it's a privately-owned villa on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Owned by a Massachusetts man, and available for weekly rentals, it's a sister property to the residence where Bill and Hillary Clinton spent many summers on Cape Cod.

Frenchman's Lookout
is perched on the top of a hill, which affords practically unobstructed views of neighbouring island St. John, the Sir Francis Drake Channel and the surrounding turquoise waters with the occasional yacht cruising past. The 10,000-square-foot villa has five bedrooms spread across two floors.

Now we realise that you (like us) may not have a salary like Ms. Moss - or the flexible holiday time for that matter - but that doesn't mean you can't copy this amazing villa's style. Think island living at its best; fresh white linens, perky-patterned pillows and shades of blues, greens, browns and khakis. These are complemented with simple wood furnishings and plantation-style accents.

There are plenty of design ideas hiding round the villa to be stolen! Let's start outside...

Frenchmans Lookout Kate Moss A hammock provides a quiet place to nap or sleep on the villa's wrap-around porch. Photo: Frenchman's Lookout

1. Install a hammock!
Even if you have just a small front porch, or a tiny patch of grass in your back or front garden, you can spend less than £50 and install a hammock. You now have a place to while away the day with a good book, or simply close your eyes and snooze with a cool breeze on your face.

Brightly patterned pillows really stand out against a neutral palette of earthy brown and white. Photo: Frenchman's Lookout

2. Add Caribbean colour

Spice up a bland interior with blues, greens and yellows in the brightest shades possible. Look to globally-inspired shops and boutiques for something that screams beach-holiday paradise from the Caribbean to Hawaii Framed pictures of nautical scenes are perfect eye candy for a rainy day if you're reluctantly stuck indoors.

Wicker steamer trunks at the foot of these two beds hint at vintage nautical scenes from day's past. Twin sets of turquoise pillows mirror the nearby water's pure blue color. Photo: Frenchman's Lookout

3. Wicker can be wicked cool
No longer just for the patio or porch (or Grandma's house!), modern wicker works wonderfully indoors too. Small trunks, like the ones photographed here, are one option, but you can also add small inexpensive accessories such as wastebaskets, side tables or decorative baskets to hold house keys, jewellery or stray bits of post.

Frenchmans Lookout Kate Moss In each room are 12-foot ceilings, a carefully made design decision to cultivate an open-air feeling, even when the double French doors are shut. Dark-stained woods, a ceiling fan and a four-poster bed continue the plantation-style decor. Photo: Frenchman's Lookout
4. Go dark with furniture
Many Caribbean resorts, especially those in the plantation-style like this one, opt for dark-stained furnishings. Without redoing your entire house, you could start by incorporating photo and art frames that are made from darker woods.If you like the look, try staining a few pieces of furniture.

During the warmer months, replace your heavy curtains with sheer white drapes to billow in the wind right before a storm or on a breezy summer night. Photo: Frenchman's Lookout

5. Swap your curtains
With longer days of light in the summer, you don't need to pull the curtains shut until well after dinner time. Choose sheer white panels to allow as much light as possible through the windows before the sun finally sets.

Frenchmans Lookout Kate Moss Like the rest of the rooms, the living room does not have wall-to-wall carpet. Instead, area rugs are carefully arranged over smooth tiles. Photo: Frenchman's Lookout

6. Consider tiles in the living room
Large, chunky tiles for flooring not only feel cool to your bare feet - a bonus during summer - but the look is more like a resort than a private residence. Practically speaking, it's easier to clean up sand and water when you have tile flooring! Even if you live miles from the sea, tiles add an airy, casual feel. During the cooler months, add thick rugs to warm up the room.

Frenchmans Lookout Kate Moss Even if you only have a small outdoor space - and lack this postcard-perfect view - ditch the plastic or wrought-iron chairs in favour of a teak armchair with comfy cushions and bright pillows. Photo: Frenchman's Lookout

7. Invest in quality outdoor furniture
Chairs, tables and chaises designed for outdoor living should be an extension of what's inside your home. You wouldn't put plastic chairs around the table, so why settle for them outside? Spend a little more money on weather-resistant teak wooden chairs for your outdoor space and chances are you will use them more often.