06/09/2010 15:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

What's New This Week: For Babies, Boys, Gardeners And Techno Idiots

Welcome to our regular Parentdish roundup of what's new for families. Before you start shopping, start here.

And first off this week, we have a product that's ideal for girls, teens and techno-idiots

Samsung have launched the TicToc, a new MP3 player aimed at young girls. I was sent one to try out and was aghast to find out that there are no instructions included. How's a techno idiot supposed to deal with that?

But luckily it is super super simple to use - just plug it into your computer with the lead included and an instructional video will tell you what to do. So it's perfect for a first MP3 player, or for anyone who normally runs screaming in the other direction from computerology.

Plus the TicToc is very cute. It's about the size and shape of a large toffee, so you'll have to resist the temptation to pop it in your mouth and chew. It comes in four girly designs, including a Hello Kitty version.

It works via motion control (a bit like a Wii controller). So to skip to the next track, you shake it from side to side. The battery lasts through around 12 hours of playback, and the earphones have little rubbery cushions, meaning that they stay snugly in your ear and don't leak much sound - great for long journeys without annoying the other passengers.

Samsung TicToc MP3 player is out now, in 2 GB or 4GB version, priced from £39.99

For celestial babies

Maclaren have launched the starry-themed Zodiac Buggy. You can even customise it by adding a cushion featuring your child's star sign. Of course, you could be a little wicked and add a cushion with the wrong star sign, and when people say "Oh yes, he looks just like a Taurus", cackle loudly that they got it wrong.

Suitable for babies from 3 months and older, it comes in midnight blue with a silver stars pattern - theres a constellation under the hood for your baby to look at and plan his future career as a spaceman.

The Zodiac Buggy is out now, stockists can be found here. RRP £140, optional star sign headrest £10

For boys aged six and over
If you've got any boy birthdays coming up, here's a new range from Lego that's guaranteed to please.

Lego Hero Factory is the updated version of Bionicles. Or, as my seven-year-old tester put it: They're much less boring than Bionicles. Well, that's a little unfair, but when we compared the two, the Hero Factory figures were definitely flashier - you get bright white and shiny metallic figures, with he-man names like Mark Surge and Dunkan Bulk.

And if you want to see the range in action, check out the Mummy Reviews blog, where her sweet little boy has done a great video review.

Lego Hero Factory is out now and widely available, sets start around £7.99

For little gardeners

Dirtgirlworld is a popular CBeebies show with an environmental theme, and its first DVD compilation is released this week. If you like your cartoon heroines wearing boots, growing tomatoes and digging dirt, then you'll be in mucky heaven with these eight episodes.

The DVD comes with a free packet of Cos lettuce seeds to plant in your garden. But they're only really plantable till the end of September, so catch this one as soon as you can

The dirtgirlworld: grow! DVD is released today, RRP £12.99. Special offer on the BBC website, reduced to £8.99