08/09/2010 14:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Vintage Vixen: MyDaily Gets A Mad Men Makeover

Like many office drones we often wish that our work was a little bit more like Mad Men. And, as we are also contractually required to spend a large part of our time dreaming about beautiful clothes, we feel our envy of the show's heroically stylish heroines - Betty Draper, Joan Harris (née Holloway) et al - may be even more acute than most.

Since it sashayed elegantly onto our screens a little over three years ago, Mad Men has been a quiet revelation among discerning TV fans with its ultra-glamourous evocation of early 1960s New York. With the new season of the show hitting our screens tonight, it seemed like the perfect time to bring a little Madison Avenue to just off Tottenham Court Road.

Admittedly, we can't have Matthew Weiner direct our editorial meetings in dreamy, soft-lit technicolour - and knocking back numerous pre-lunch Old Fashioneds is generally frowned upon - but we do know the power of a few vintage clothing finds and some carefully applied retro beauty secrets. To prove it, we put one of our own through a 1960s-inspired makeover.

Vintage clothing expert Natasha Bailie decked out editorial assistant Katie Jones in authentic duds, Natasha Hall of Lipstick & Curls created the all important hair and makeup. In about two hours Ms Jones went from an average staffer on a dressed down Monday to a dead ringer for Mad Men's Jane Sterling, the season two secretary who is these days shacked up with silver-haired smoothie of an ex-boss Roger

To see how the Natashas created Katie's look check out the video below.