09/09/2010 17:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson's Love Lair

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Abandon hope all ye who enter here! Hollywood's sexiest half-vampire couple have reportedly set up camp in a secluded crib in the hills of Transylvania. Sorry, Bel Air. The spooky, kooky 'Twilight' twosome -- in the real world known as 24-year-old English actor Robert Pattinson and 20-year-old LA native Kristen Stewart -- were outed as the new residents of the ritzy bolthole when an enterprising airbourne paparazzo snapped Pattinson's distinctive vintage Chevy Nova parked in the carport.

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Edward and Bella's alleged new address is the recently remodeled guesthouse of a larger estate overlooking Stone Canyon Reservoir and owned by Charles Evans Jr., nephew of Hollywood giant, and 'Chinatown' producer, Robert Evans. Aside from the some rather spectacular views (enhanced by a couple of large glass walls), the hilltop hideaway provides the lovebirds with an open living area, full gourmet kitchen, office, one large bedroom and two bathrooms. No word on how much of a dent the pad is making in Pattinson and Stewart's Twilight series royalties but a 2010 listing offered up the entire estate for a cool $22,500 (about £14,600) a month.