10/09/2010 05:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

I Tried It: Sophy Robson's Half-Moon Manicure

My nails, before and after Robson's manicure, and half-moon nails on the Dior catwalk

Fashion is paying more attention to nails than ever before; from the half-moon manicures on the Dior autumn/winter 2009 catwalk, to the "Chill the F*** Out" slogans at Henry Holland's autumn/winter show earlier this year, nails have become a big deal.

They are glamorous, outrageous and sexy. Unfortunately, my short, stubby fingers and unkept nails are far from that. So, when given the opportunity to have my nails transformed by Sophy Robson, the hottest manicurist in town, I wasn't going to say no.

Robson is known as the "Nail Queen"; from Tom Ford advertising campaigns to Vogue covers, she has worked with everyone who's anyone in the fashion industry. My nails were in need of some serious pampering and this was the right lady for the job.

Sophy Robson's All for Eve nail polish. Courtesy of All for Eve

While I was after something that would stand out, I also wanted a design that was sophisticated and wearable, so Robson's suggestion I try the half-moon manicure was perfect. As a supporter of All for Eve, a beauty brand which works to raise awareness of gynaecological research, Robson used the nail polish she created for the charity – a gorgeous, scarlet shade that was just the right colour to take my nails from shabby to chic.

However, I needed more than just a vibrant colour. Once Robson stuck some shiny new talons on top of my real nails, my stubby fingers were a thing of the past. After a couple of coats of the red polish had been applied, my naked nails were well and truly transformed – I vowed never to bite them again!

They were lovely to look at, but my long nails did take some getting used to. I found myself typing like I'd never used a keyboard before, not to mention avoiding the washing up at all costs. There was no need to be so cautious though, as Robson assured me that they would last a good four days. While it was also difficult to stop myself pulling them off once they started getting wobbly, I took Robson's advice to let my false nails fall off naturally.

I don't often have a top manicurist at my beck and call, so it was definitely a treat to have my nails looked after. Will I keep my promise to take more care over them from now on? Well I've stopped biting, for now...