14/09/2010 11:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Diary Of A 6-Year-Old: Crocodile Farm?

We are going on a school trip after the weekend. This is my very first school trip and it's going to be brilliant. We're going to a farm somewhere on a bus.There will be lots of animals and you can stroke them and feed them.

Mrs Thompson says lots of the animals have babies at the moment and if we are lucky we might be able to hold them on our knees. We have to take a packed lunch so we can have a picnic. I like picnics.

I hope they have crocodiles too. Mrs Thompson says she doesn't think they have those on a farm. She says we would have to go to America or Australia to see crocodiles. That would take ages on the bus I think. And someone always gets sick on the bus. Then it stinks. I think it's because crocodiles bite though. Even baby crocodiles bite so I suppose that's not good when schools visit. I'd still like to see one. I'll ask when I get there. Maybe they have some secret somewhere.

Emily says her brother went last year. He tried to take a rabbit home in his rucksack but it jumped out in the bus and they had to take it back. I bet he wouldn't have put a crocodile in his rucksack. Crocodiles eat rabbits I think.

Anyway the very best thing about the trip is, we are not allowed to take brothers or sisters or friends or even mummies and daddies. In fact no human beings are allowed............ just teachers.