16/09/2010 05:02 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

New Autism Drug 'Opens Doors To Treating The Disorder'

Clinicians have successfully trialled a drug for autism that eases many of the symptoms of the condition.

Trials of the medication - which is still many years away from being prescribed - found that social skills were improved and tantrums were lessened.

The drug, Arbaclofen, works to re-balance the brain chemistry of those with autism. Researchers tested it over eight weeks on 25 autistic children between the ages of six and 17. Side effects were minimal, and all were calmer and more sociable by the end of the trial.

Researcher Dr Craig Erickson, from the Indiana University School of Medicine, who conducted the research said:
'We observed marked improvement in the majority of patients treated in the study, including reductions in agitation and tantrums. This work will potentially open up a door to treating disorders that have, until recently, been firmly shut.'

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