28/09/2010 09:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Name's Bond, Jane Bond

Angelina Jolie proved that spying needn't be left to the boys with her recent film Salt, so if you fancy adding an element of intrigue to your next overseas trip, make it your mission to head to Washington DC.

Washington DC Tourism

America's spy capital, the city has more than a few secret agent-style thrills – even if you don't have a licence to kill.

Start with a visit to the International Spy Museum to brush up your skills as you adopt a cover and crack codes before testing them out, courtesy of the museum's Spy in the City programme, where you take a GPS-guided tour of the city as you get send clues and audio intercepts to fulfil your mission – and scope out the best places for a martini later.

If you'd rather be the brains behind the outfit, you can turn your hand to a spot of CSI at the National Museum of Crime & Punishment where you have to crack the case using fingerprinting, ballistics and DNA.

After a hard day saving the world, it's time for those martinis. Watch out for the spy holes at Zola next door to the Spy Museum or enjoy some sushi at Zentan, which takes its name for the Mandarin word for spy.

Then, once you've seduced your informant and stolen the secret information – or, er, had dessert – it's time to debrief. The boutique Hotel George offers an Undercover Washington package with admission to the International Spy Museum, a Spy kit including DC's top espionage locations and a Spymaster skills exam, which can win you a bottle of Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc if you score well. Rooms start at around £125 per night.

Or follow in Angelina's footsteps and check into the Mandarin Oriental Washington DC which featured in Salt. Rooms start from around £150.