08/10/2010 13:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Study Proves Stress-Busting Benefits Of Yoga At Work

Just a little regular yoga can make a big difference to your wellbeing at work, says a new study.

In the first ever randomised controlled trial of yoga in the work place, researchers at Bangor University found that regular yoga reduced anxiety and tiredness while increasing emotional wellbeing and resilience to stress. News to put a smile on a boss's face, surely?

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The study took 48 university employees and placed them either in a yoga group or on a wait-list control group. The yoga group participated in a six-week programme of dru yoga which involved joining at least one hour-long lunchtime class a week.

Dru yoga - created by one of the largest yoga training schools in the UK - is based on gentle, flowing movements, controlled breathing and visualisation.

Better satisfaction and sense of life-purpose
Results revealed that those who did the yoga felt more satisfied with their life, had a clearer sense of their purpose, and sensed a greater self-confidence in their ability to handle stressful situations. Impressive, huh?

They also reported being a lot less anxious, unsure, confused, tired and depressed than the control group who didn't do any dru yoga.

"I had a much clearer head afterwards"
Study participant and undergraduate recruitment administrator, Eileen Price, said: "At the end of the first session I went back to the office with a much clearer head and renewed vigour – I could think more clearly, make better decisions and work more efficiently."

Researchers concluded that even a short programme of Dru Yoga is effective at boosting emotional wellbeing and makes people better able to cope with stress in the workplace, and recommended that employers consider offering yoga classes to their staff.

Would you like your company to pay for your yoga classes? Do you think just one yoga class a week would make a difference to how you work?