12/10/2010 07:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Seven-Year-Old Could Suffer Brain Damage If She Eats Protein

A seven-year-old girl could suffer brain damage if she eats any protein rich food.

Little Borsi Batki has to have a diet of fruit and vegetables and a special type of pasta because of a rare metabolic condition.

If she eats any other food, toxins could collect in her body and then poison her brain.
Borsi's daily diet consists of a special pasta in tomato sauce and a protein replacement supplement which she must drink six times a day.

Her condition - which stops her body processing the amino acid found in most protein-rich foods - was discovered when she was a newborn baby in her native Hungary. Tests when she was six days old revealed she had phenylketonuria, which if undetected can lead to brain damage, mental retardation and seizures. The condition affects just one in 15,000 children.

Her mum, Maria, 37, said: 'At parties she finds it hard to see other kids enjoy cakes. Sometimes she cries. She understands but it's difficult. Easter and Christmas are hard. There are so many foods she can't eat everywhere. Her special foods taste so different because they contain no flour or eggs. Her sister says they are disgusting. If she has a bite of cake she'll seem fine. But if she carries on toxins collect in her body, poisoning her brain.'

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