14/10/2010 12:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

New Research Reveals Expectant Mums Top Five Childbirth Fears

New research has revealed expectant mums top five childbirth fears – and discovers one in ten women fear having an ugly baby!

The study asked 1211 mums-to-be to list what they were most afraid of – excluding medical complications – during childbirth.

The results were:

1) Pain of labour- 36

3) Finding your baby 'ugly' - 9

5) Effects on genitalia - 4 of pregnant women said that they feared having an 'involuntary bowel movement' during delivery because of the 'embarrassment', whilst 9 of respondents who listed 'finding their baby ugly' as their greatest concern, more than half (32) said they were scared they would not love an unattractive baby.

The survey, which was conducted by review website, also found that the 52% of pregnant women who said the pain of labour was their greatest fear were first time mums who did know know what to expect during child-birth.

Responding to the survey's findings, Jill Tovey, co-founder of said:

'We wanted to take a light-hearted look into the things that really concern expectant mothers about childbirth; leaving the obvious worries of any medical complications aside. It wasn't surprising to see that one in ten women who took part were most concerned about what their baby will look like, as although a mother's love is inevitably unconditional, it can be difficult to learn that your baby has inherited the 'family nose' that you were hoping would get lost in the genes! When it comes to childbirth concerns, it's important for mothers-to-be to remember that although the process of labour, and all its unattractive side-effects, can be daunting; all most mothers care about when labour starts is getting through it. All being well, once you see your baby for the first time, most of those worries go out the window; taking all the embarrassing side-effects of labour with them.'

What do you think of these findings?
What was your greatest delivery room fear?
A mid-contraction poo or a less than gorgeous offspring?!