15/10/2010 15:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Chocolate Yoga And Freebies - The Yoga Show 2010

Chocolate, fashion, baby-making tips and freebies - what's not to love about The Yoga Show 2010? It's the yoga event of the year and takes place between the 29 - 31October.

Over 200 exhibitors and a healthy dose of celebrity yoga teachers giving workshops and lectures look set to make The Yoga Show 2010 a star.

The Yoga Show

Some highlights that catch the eye include:

Chocolate yoga

Find out why chocolate is good for your yoga practice with yoga maestro to the rich and famous, David Sye - he of the many tattoos and founder of super-sexy Yogabeats.

Maya Fiennes - "the Nigella Lawson of yoga"
Elle Macpherson is a fan. The sister-in-law of actors Ralph and Joseph and one of the hottest relaxation teachers around will be showing how breathing exercises, powerful asanas, mantras and meditation from kundalini yoga can help you achieve lasting happiness. You can read more about her at

Train with Madonna's pilates man
Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow have fitness guru James D'Silva to thank for their A-list bodies. Try him for size yourself as he demonstrates three different workouts on his new Garuda Pilates machine - designed to bring out the best of your pilates performance by isolating muscle groups.

Yoga for fertility
Can yoga help you get pregnant? Find out in one of Mercedes Ngoh' Fertility Flow™ classes which explore a vinyasa sequence that focuses on releasing the blockages in the muscles and energetic pathways surrounding the reproductive system.

Free Raja yoga meditation classes
Learn to use meditation in your daily life as a way to keep a clear head, help you make decisions and keep relationships running smoothly at home and at work.

Doing good for those in need
Join around 300 others at 12 noon on the 31 October doing a stamina-demanding 108 sun salutations (in a row) to raise a hoped-for £30,000 for good causes like the Born Free and Rainforest Foundations. Twelve teachers will each lead nice sun salutations each. Register at the YogaThon website.

Save money
Order your entrance and workshop tickets online in advance and save up to £18.

The Yoga Show 2010 takes place at London Olympia 29 to 31 October.