19/10/2010 08:20 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Man 'Too Drunk' To Remember Leaving His Toddler Son In Car For 25 Hours

A man arrested for public intoxication on Saturday night was reportedly too drunk to remember where he had left his toddler son.

Joe Kurihara had been at a wedding in Pasadena, California, and was seen leaving the venue with his three-year-old son Dylan at 9.30pm. The child's mother then phoned the police when she got up the following morning and discovered her son and his dad had not arrived home.

The little boy was later found by a member of the public in a parked car. Police believe he had been there for up to 25 hours.

Kurihara, who is 23, is alleged to have told the police he did not remember being with his son because he was too drunk and had no idea where he had left his car.

Rowdy Metzger, who found the child, said he recognised the toddler after spotting him in Kurihara's silver Lexus sedan: 'I tapped on the window, it woke him up. The door was open. I opened it. He got a little scared. I called out his name. I told him it was going to be OK. I kept giving a thumb's up signal because I didn't know if he would understand me, if he was in shock or whatever. I called 911. I just kept talking to him until the police came.'

'I think it's a parent's worst nightmare that something is going to happen to your child and no one is going to know where they're at.' He said he was walking past an open parking structure and saw the father's SUV with the little boy sleeping inside.

A spokesman said the little boy was 'a bit dehydrated' and covered in urine, but in 'good shape'.

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