26/10/2010 11:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Diary Of A 6-Year-Old: Windmills And Uniforms

When Auntie Rita takes me out we always go somewhere good. Auntie Rita is my mummy's sister. She talks a lot. Dad says she can't help it because she's a teacher. Mummy says she could talk for England. Whatever that means.

Auntie Rita is a teacher at a school like mine. But at her school the children all wear the same clothes called a uniform. It's grey and red and boring. I wore my T-Rex T-shirt to school yesterday. Simon MacDonald was dead jealous. The children at Auntie Rita's school wouldn't be allowed to wear that even if it was grey. They have to wear hats too. Well, the girls do and the boys wear caps. It's weird.

Like I said, we always do good stuff but Auntie Rita does ask loads of questions. When I don't know the answer or say something wrong she talks even more. On Sunday she took me to a Llama park. It was brilliant. On the way she asked loads about llamas. I didn't know anything because I wasn't really sure what a llama was.

I know now.

We drove past a big field with loads of cows and windmills in it. Then Auntie Rita asked me a question and I knew the answer. She wanted to know if I knew what the things in the field were. I said they were windmills. She asked me if I knew what they were for. I was pleased I knew the answer.

They are for keeping the cows cool when it's hot.

Auntie Rita went quiet for a bit then so it must have been right.