29/10/2010 13:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

British Mums Are Seriously Embarrassing

You hated your mum licking her thumb to wipe your face. But once you become a mum, chances are you're doing exactly the same and embarrassing your children.

In a new survey of British mothers released this week two thirds (66 saying the old 'lick the thumb and wipe your face' move is their most cringeworthy act.

The survey, commissioned by Seriously Good sauces, the range developed by Gordon Ramsay to raise money for Comic Relief, reveals that giving a lip-smacker at the school gate was chosen by Britain's mums as the second most embarrassing act (27).

However, despite the embarrassing blunders, the vast majority (82)
2. Kissed them goodbye at the school gate (27)
4. Showed baby photos of them to their friends (19)

The top five things that a 'seriously good mum' is:
1. Firm and fair (83)
3. Intelligent and wise (34)
5. A good cook (17)
2. Turn invisible and watch over the children (13)
4. Know the correct answer to every possible question the kids ask (12)

The top five daily difficulties British mothers face:
1. Finding time to dedicate to themselves (34)
3. Household budgeting (29)
5. Worry about the kids' future (25%)

The research was commissioned by Seriously Good cooking sauces to celebrate raising more than £200,000 for Comic Relief in its first year of trading. Each jar of Seriously Good sauce sold, raises at least 10p for Comic Relief. Gordon Ramsay does not get a penny from the range. To find out more about the Seriously Good range visit