29/10/2010 06:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Strop Of The Week: The Pool

Strop Scene:

Public Swimming Pool. 3.30pm. Echoey. Busy. Swim Yourself Slim for the over 60s taking place in the small adjacent pool.

Strop Cause:

"Come on Sweetheart, it's time to go now."

Strop Symptoms:

Initially not so devastating. A relatively restrained show of disapproval. Situation however soon escalated more than likely due to my inability to take The Stropper's indignation at being removed from its place of pleasure in any way seriously. The reason for this being the gargantuan task that it is keeping one's face straight when a child, face distorted beyond recognition in a diver's mask and barely able to stand in flippers attempts a remonstration. The sight of it's mother's clear lack of respect for it's predicament tipped The Stropper over the precipice.

Strop Solution:

Underarm carry-off manoeuvre, avoiding flying flippers and deadly masked skull. There was nothing else for it.
Stropper did calm down on entering changing rooms. Tricky throwing a wobbler and shivering simultaneously.

Dismay Factor Percentage:

Could have been high. Was vaguely aware of disapproving glances from the over 60s swimming themselves slim. I however, was laughing myself slim. 50% tops.