01/11/2010 15:09 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Thousands Of Pounds Of Taxpayers' Money Given To Kids In Compensation Claims

The Sun newspaper says thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money is being dished out to kids in compensation claims for playground clashes.

The paper, which obtained the figures through a Freedom of Information request, revealed that money had been handed out in five compensation claims last year, whilst a sixth case is pending.

The biggest sum was paid out by Trafford Council in Greater Manchester, whilst a £9,800 payment was made in Sheffield. Sums totalling £7,526 were awarded in Derbyshire, £2,595 in Kent and £1,700 in North Lincolnshire. No details of the circumstances of the playground brawls were released.

Experts warned the claims would continue to rise if parents and pupils used the rough and tumble nature of the playground as an opportunity to sue.

Speaking to The Sun, the professor of sociology at Kent University, Frank Furedi, said: 'It's a selfish way of seeking financial gain.'

But Fiona Fitzerald, a personal injury lawyer with Colemans CTTS, defended the handouts saying: 'As long as a school can prove it has adequate systems in place, it cannot be held liable. However, there can be problems if it doesn't ensure pupils are safe from a child with a violent history, or if a group of children is left unattended for an extended period.'

What do you think?
Should kids be entitled to payouts if they are hurt in playground scuffles?
Or is it anther example of Britain's shameful 'compensation culture'?