03/11/2010 12:31 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Ban Unvaccinated Children From School Says Health Official

A director of one of the largest health trusts in Britain, East Lancashire Primary Care Trust, has said that children who have not had their MMR vaccination should be banned from school.

The number of children having the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccination has fallen by a third in some parts of the country since the scare surrounding the safety of MMR 12 years ago. Cases of measles and mumps have increased ten-fold in the same period.

Dr Bhatti of the East Lancashire Primary Care Trust said many parents were still frightened by the thought of possible side effects of the MMR, but added they had a responsibility to have their children immunised, suggesting that those children who aren't, are banned from school.

He said: 'If you like it's a radical idea, but I feel an appropriate suggestion for East Lancashire is that we change nurseries and schools' admission policies so parents realise they have a due diligence responsibility for not infecting their children and their friends' children. It's what happens in France. There, you can't be admitted to school unless you show your vaccination certificate.'

What do you think?
Do you support a school ban on unvaccinated children?
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