19/11/2010 15:59 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Diary Of A 6-Year-Old: My Pet Sloth

Mrs Faircough asked us to find out about an unusual animal and tell the class about it. I didn't know any unusual animals, excepts Emily's cat, he's only got three legs and one eye. That's not normal.

Mr Aspinal next door said he saw a programme about porcupines. He gave me a glass of milk and two of Mrs Aspinal's yummy home-made biscuits and told me all about them. I just told the class what he told me. Mrs Fairysnuff said I had done very well and obviously worked hard. I felt good at first, then I felt a bit bad.

Emily talked about the three-toed sloth. It moves really slowly and sleeps a lot. I think it must be very easy to look after so I'm going to ask Father Christmas for one. I think it would be okay because you don't have to take them for walks and if they escape they won't be able to get far away. They like trees to sleep in. We don't have any but I can make good Lego trees.

I'll ask mummy if she will use her sewing machine to make it a suit so it looks smart and we can take it out. I will teach it to write so it can help me with my homework. It could get up before me and put my clothes on me while I'm still asleep.

Mummy wanted to know what I would call it. She said it should have something to do with it being slow and sleepy all the time.

I said we should call it "Daddy". Mummy thought that was funny. Daddy didn't.

I'm not allowed a sloth so I might try for a dog again. Or ask Mr Aspinal where to get a porcupine.