22/11/2010 07:25 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Spastic' Robot Toy Banned

spastic robot, transformers, banned US toy maker Hasbro have scrapped the UK launch of their latest robot toy 'Spastic', after a consumer backlash over its name.

The toy, part of the Power Core Combiners 2011 Wave 2 range, was predicted to be one of the biggest sellers for 2011.

Hasbro bosses said they were unaware of how offensive the term was in the UK.

In a statement, the manufacturer said: 'We intended no offence by the use of the name Spastic. It will not be available via traditional retail channels in Europe, including the UK. Our goal is to have all families who enjoy our brands feel good about their purchases and experiences.'

The Spastic robot will still launch in US - where the term is used colloquially to describe an over-excited or clumsy person - early next year.

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