22/11/2010 05:53 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Tricks Women Play To Cheat The Bathroom Scales

How do you cheat your weighing scales? How do you cheat your scales? Photo: Flickr, sludgegulper

Go on, admit it. What techniques have you used to get the lowest possible reading on your bathroom scales? Well if a survey by diet website Go Lower is anything to go by, women get up to all sorts in an attempt to shave off a few crucial ounces.

Three thousand women of all ages were quizzed about their weighing habits. According to the survey's results, 90 admit they strip naked before stepping on the scales, while 40 of women hold their breath while on their bathroom scales, thinking it will help them weigh less, while 3% say they wait for a full moon before getting weighed (as that's when they think they're at their lightest).

Going on a quick-fix miracle diet is arguably one sure way to feel deflated when you weigh yourself, but we're not convinced making fattening foods more pricey would work either.

What do you do to weigh less?

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