29/11/2010 08:33 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Britain's Most Feckless Father? Unemployed Dad Of 10 Is Expecting FOUR More Children

britain's most feckless father, Keith Macdonald Unemployed Keith Macdonald - who hit the headlines earlier this year for his feckless fathering - has got two new girlfriends pregnant. Macdonald is said to be having another baby with an ex, and one with his current girlfriend, Amy Ward, whilst a fourth woman - who was already known to be having his child - has revealed she is having twins.

The 25-year-old has also apparently become 'engaged' for the third time in three months.

He is on incapacity benefit suffering from a bad back
and currently pays £5 a week to support his offspring.

He fathered his first child when he was just 14.

So tangled is Macdonald's 'love' life that it remains unclear whether the latest pregnancies will make him a father-of-14 or of more with one of his former lovers claiming he already has 11 children.

Two months ago, Danielle Little, 24, claimed she was expecting twins by Macdonald - to whom she was then engaged. He later dumped her and moved on to umemployed Amy Ward, 32, who is said to have boasted to friends last week that she was also carrying his child. Meanwhile, teenager Emma Kelly claims Macdonald is the father of her unborn baby, conceived after a four year on-off relationship.

The feckless father angrily denied Emma Kelly's pregnancy claims last night, insisting: 'I have never heard of an Emma Kelly. It's absolute lies.' Whilst in an extraordinary backtrack, his girlfriend Amy said: 'I've been told I can't have children. I've had tests. This is not something Keith and I have to worry about.'

Hairdresser Emma Kelly, 18, of Sunderland, made her pregnancy announcement online, writing: 'I'm buzzing about it. I wanted to get pregnant.'

Expectant mother Clare Bryant, who gave birth to one of Macdonald's children in April, admitted she is pregnant by him again - although they broke up 10 days ago.

She claims he has been urging her not to have an abortion.

'I'm 16 weeks gone. If it's a boy I'm going to call him Laken,' she told the Sunday Times.

'I was going to get rid of it but he said he wanted it. He has totally cut all contact but the thing is I always said I would never take the kids away from him even if we did move on. I'm not like that, he's just being pathetic.'

The father, who has met most of his conquests at bus stops, claims £68.95 per week in disability benefits because he has a bad back and £44 per week in income support.

He has previously said it was 'not his fault' he had fathered so many children.

'I use condoms, but they always seem to split,' he said.

Just two months ago he said he had no plans to have more children.

'I don't want any more kids. I haven't got any plans to have any more. All these girls are playing games with me and I don't want the aggravation,' he said.

Jill Kirby, director of the Centre for Policy Studies, commented: 'The case of Macdonald is an extreme example but it also reflects the behaviour of other men whose lives follow a similar pattern.

'The women involved are in a sense as culpable as he is because they've clearly made no effort to guard against having a baby with someone they know will not be willing to help them support their child.'

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