30/11/2010 08:18 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Cash-Strapped Parents Plan To Spend Less This Christmas

parents will spend less this Christmas Parents are intending to splash less cash on children's presents this Christmas, and, in added fears over the state of family finances, will also cut back on food and socialising costs.

A survey commissioned by the Family and Parenting Institute found a third of mums and dads are vowing to spend less money than usual on their kids' gifts, with around the same number saying they will also be trimming the budget on festive fare.

The poll found that almost half (46) have experienced an upsurge in family rows and tensions due to cash crises. A third also revealed they had found it more difficult to be an 'active parent' this year because of money worries.

The Family and Parenting Institute's chief executive Dr Katherine Rake said: 'These survey results expose the severe pressures that many families are currently experiencing. Money is tight and parents have been left wondering if they have been lined up to take the brunt of the economic cuts.'

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