01/12/2010 06:08 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Pregnant Burglar Squeezed Bump Through Bathroom Windows

pregnant burglar steals again A pregnant burglar who squeezed her baby-bump through tiny gaps to steal £8,000 of jewellery has been found guilty of stealing again whilst out on bail.

Charlotte Binnersley, 20, of Herne Bay, Kent, admitted carrying out the 11 burglaries when she first appeared in court in October. She was then bailed after claiming she had only committed the crimes to try and pay off a loan shark. Her three-month spree resulted in a haul of jewellery and cash worth more than £8,000.

Binnersley was caught raiding a Kent house after squeezing in through a bathroom window, but amazingly escaped via the front door after telling police she was in labour.

Just weeks away from giving birth, Binnersley was originally warned she could end up having her baby in jail after she admitting two counts of burglary, and asked for a further nine to be taken into consideration.

Canterbury Crown Court heard yesterday that whilst on bail, Binnersley was nabbed selling on £10,000 of jewels after giving birth to her baby.

The Court will hand down her sentence this month.