02/12/2010 16:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hamleys' Penguin And Reindeer Show Angers Animal Welfare Supporters

London's most famous toy shop's plan to enthrall children with a Christmas themed live penguin and reindeer event has incurred the wrath of animal welfare campaigners.

Hamleys on London's Regent Street had advertised an in-store event featuring live penguin and reindeer as a Christmas treat for youngsters.

Outraged animal welfare experts branded the stunt irresponsible and said the world-famous company was treating the animals as 'living toys'.

Hundreds of animal lovers - many of whom joined a Facebook Group lambasting the store - bombarded the shop with protest emails, saying it was appalling that the creatures would be used as 'entertainment' in such a hot and busy environment.

Hamleys subsequently removed the advert for the event from their website, but a spokesperson said it was still going ahead.


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