10/12/2010 12:50 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Yoga In Bed (Yes, It's From America)

Like to keep fit but can't be bothered to get out of bed sometimes? We have the answer! And it involves staying snug right where you are.

Naomi Call

"By committing to just 15 minutes a day, in the comfort of bed, you can get into yoga and its wellbeing benefits" says Naomi Call, a certified Kripalu yoga teacher based in the US. Her new book Yoga in Bed (£8.99, Findhorn Press) shows how to wake up and focus the body and mind before even getting up of a morning.

Pyjama poses

Well written and easy to follow, Yoga in Bed takes you through 20 beginner-level breathing exercises and simple posture, illustrated - in case you weren't sure what you were reading - by a model in her jim jams. Semi-concealed spiral binding means it opens easily on top of your duvet.

Free DVD
There's also a free accompanying DVD filmed on a poolside futon - press play and copy what you see, guided by Naomi's soothing narration.

It also means you can choose which of the book's three exercise-based chapters you feel like doing that day. You might do the 'stretch' chapter one morning, say, and choose to focus on your breathing alone the next.

The 'renew' chapter offers a relaxing meditation and mind-quietening spiritual music. Studies have shown that even a few minutes of meditation each day can significantly improve our well being.

Naomi's straightforward green lifestyle (eat organic, chew your food) advice takes up the fourth and final chapter.

Sample exercise - your first stretches
Take your first waking moments to enjoy the way your body feels when you stretch.

Begin by circling and flexing every finger and toe.

Feel the stretches moving out into your wrists and ankles. Flex your wrists and ankles a few times and then circle both clockwise and counter clockwise.

On your next inhalation, clasp your fingers overhead and push your palms away from you toward the wall behind you. As you exhale, release the stretch.

Now gently roll onto the right side of your body. Use your forearm and hand to press yourself up into a sitting position.

"Your exploration of yoga will create a new sense of freedom and a lightness of being as you focus your mind, balance your emotions and strengthen your body. You will get more out of every day because your day begins better!" says Naomi.

With no class to pay for and to brave the cold to get to, no teacher to find, and no special clothing needed, we reckon Yoga in Bed just might catch on this very brrrrrr! winter.