15/12/2010 16:56 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Blog Of The Week: Fashion Foie Gras

Elie Saab outfits at the Nobel Peace Prize Image courtesy of Emily Johnston

The lowdown: Fashion Foie Gras is the brainchild of super-stylish blogger Emily Johnston. Named to reference the fact that fashion is stuffed into the blog at a rate of around ten posts a day (how Emily manages to do this as well as her full time job is utterly beyond us!) it's a great site with oodles of variety and fascinating content.

What we love: Fashion online is all about images and Fashion Foie Gras doesn't disappoint. There's everything for the fashion junkie, from current advertising campaigns and vintage photoshoots to celebrity snaps and gorgeously clear product pictures all framed with cursive captions.

Look out for: We're loving the Christmas gift guides. Each focuses on a particular friend or family member and makes a few well targeted suggestions – a gorgeous Isabella Oliver maternity wrap for a pregnant friend or a Fortnum & Mason vintage port box for your stylish grandfather. There are also a couple of categories which are great for our Christmas daydreams – "What to buy a woman for Christmas when money is no object" for example...