20/12/2010 14:33 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

My Stylish Life: Yasmin Le Bon

Yasmin Le Bon Vintage darling and Manolo devotee Yasmin Le Bon. Photo: Getty Images

There is something of the Benjamin Button about Yasmin Le Bon. She may feel "ever so old" (her words, not ours) but if anything, age has just given Yasmin greater poise and grace - not wrinkles and grey hair.

While some of her supermodel contempories appear to have become victims of their own success (and egos), Mrs Le Bon has quietly continued to model for high profile campaigns and launched a hugely successful fashion line for Wallis. And with her husband Simon, she boasts what must be one of the longest lasting A-list marriages ever (26 years by our count), and quite possibly the chicest family ever.

We should hate her, but when we meet Yasmin at Liberty in London, her enthusiasm, humour and self-effacing manner - qualities so rare in a model - make it impossible.

What item should every woman have in their wardrobe?
A pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes – it sounds obvious but it's true.

Best outfit that you've ever worn?
A black 1920s dress with little diamonds all over it and a low sexy back – it's just the most fantastic party dress. I've partied very hard in that dress – I can tell they must be good because I can't remember the actual parties themselves...

Which recent fashion trends have you fallen in love with?
I doubt that I could pull most things off at my ripe old age, but I give them a go. I'm not sure whether they are on trend or not, but I think I want to get another pair of jodhpurs because I believe that you simply can't have too many pairs of jodhpurs.

What's your favourite purchase for this season?
I've just bought a fabulous jacket from Wunderkind – it's like a luxe gypsy traveller boho wrap and I just fell in love with all the detailing and embellishments. Divine.

How and where do you best work?
In the cold, outside.

What makes you happy in life?

What makes you sad?
Frustration; when people that make life deliberately difficult and are not prepared to pull their weight...

How would you describe your style?
Thrown together – sometimes artfully, sometimes disastrously...

When it comes to stocking up your wardrobe, where do you go to buy something utterly different?
Vintage fairs are great; I love rummaging around the stalls at the 20th Century Theatre in Westbourne Grove. I think its smaller and more initimate so you get to talk to the sellers and fine out a little about the pieces. I love clothes that have been worn and have some history.

What's your best piece of fashion advice?
Just have a laugh; it's not life or death!