27/12/2010 17:59 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mums Lie To Their Kids Every Day To Get Them To Eat Fruit And Veg

Mum lie to kids, fruit and veg The average mum tells her child TWO fibs a day to coax them into eating healthy food, a new poll has found.

The most common lies include telling toddlers that eating fruit and veg will make them really strong like their favourite TV hero.

Millions of mums regularly wheel out porky pies such as 'carrots will help you see in the dark' and 'fizzy drinks will turn your teeth to jelly', according to a study commissioned by Philips' Avent.

The poll, of 3,000 mothers, reveals that almost 75 consider their tots to be fussy eaters.

The study also found that eight out of 10 mums give in when their child refuses to eat a certain food.

Does lying to your child about food work? What's the biggest food fib you've ever told your tot?