27/12/2010 22:16 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Start4Life: The Latest Addition To The Department Of Health's Campaign

Back in January 2009, the government launched a public health programme designed to raise awareness of leading a healthier life. Change4Life was organised by the Department of Health, and the adverts helped families with tips on getting them to move more and eat better.

The Department has now launched Start4Life, a campaign aimed at pregnant women and new mothers. Start4Life aims to provide visitors with up to date information on feeding, nutrition and getting your toddler active.

The campaign is likely to be a reaction to recent studies suggesting that children are now starting school at a weight that can be categorised as obese.

The campaign focuses on six clear areas of raising a baby:

  • Mum's milk – Breast milk is widely suggested to be best for both mum and baby, boosting kids' immune systems and reducing the risk of obesity

  • Every day counts – Supporting mums to start breastfeeding and continue exclusively for the first six months of their baby's life.

  • No rush to mush – Introducing solid foods at around six months helps avoid stomach upsets and allergies, as well as maximising the benefits of continued breastfeeding.

  • Taste for life – Introducing a variety of different foods at around six months will help prevent a baby becoming a fussy eater later in life

  • Sweet as they are – Avoiding sugary foods and hidden sugars when introducing babies to solid food reduces the likelihood of them developing a sweet tooth in later life.

  • Baby moves – Encouraging lively, active play helps babies develop brain and muscle power

Source: Start4Life