30/12/2010 20:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Why Blondes Have More... Funds

Reach for the bleach if you fancy a pay rise. Photos: PA Photos

We're told that gentlemen prefer them and they have more fun – and as if that wasn't enough the latest study has now found that blondes also have more cash to splash than their brunette and redhead counterparts.

Some girls have all the luck. Then again, according to the research by Superdrug, we can all have the same 'luck' if we reach for the bleach as the results were applicable to bottled blondes as well as those with naturally fair hair.

The study of 3,000 professional women found the average blonde takes home £23,150 – or £1,408 per month – compared to £22,586 for brunettes and £22,327 for redheads.

Contrary to the news that they are the ones scoring the pay rises, blondes still feel that they are not taken seriously at work, the survey found.

Brunettes came out on top in that department, with eight out of ten claiming they felt valued in the workplace. Brunettes also emerged as more financially driven than blondes or red-heads with almost one in five admitting the pay packet was the most important thing about their job.

They were also more likely to stay in a position long-term in hope of successfully climbing the career ladder within an organisation while redheads were more likely to change jobs in search of a better salary.

But the results would suggest that their strategies aren't quite doing the trick.

Simon Comins, Director of Toiletries at Superdrug, said: "This research goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover and you shouldn't make assumptions about people just because of the way they look.

"Traditionally the stereotype of a blonde is that she is maybe a little ditzy and a bimbo, but this shows they are the higher earners.
"Over a lifetime earning £600 more a year can really add up, so blonde women really are having the last laugh.

"The good news is that there is no difference for those with a natural hair colour and those with dyed hair, so perhaps women who are looking for a pay rise in the New Year should think about dying their hair over the holidays."

While blondes earn more money, brunettes are more likely to be the last people left in the office. In fact the typical blonde is a stubborn 'nine to fiver' who will religiously grab her bag and coat and be out of the door bang on 5pm.

In the education stakes, more blondes than brunettes and red heads have degrees and masters.

Simon Comins of Superdrug continued: "This research just underlines that hair colour can have a dramatic effect on your life. We know our customers are constantly looking for inspiration when it comes to their hair.

"When Cheryl Cole dyed her hair red on the X Factor this year sales of red hair dye rocketed over night.

"While blonde is a perennial favourite next year we are predicting the rise of the Brunette Bombshell as customers aim to emulate the classic refined style of Kate Middleton."

Superdrug may find these results useful when it comes to flogging hair colour. But here at MyDaily we don't believe you can judge a girl by the hue of her locks, not least because we have a tendency to change ours as often as we change our Facebook profile pics.

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