08/01/2011 17:13 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Chew On A Carrot To Look More Gorgeous

Your mum probably told you when you were little that eating carrots would help you see in the dark. But what she didn't realise was that munching on a raw carrot could make you look more attractive too. Well, at least that's if you're Caucasian.

Carrots make you more attractive Eating carrots gives your skin a yellowish tone. Photo: MorgueFile, penywise

According to researchers at St Andrews and Bristol universities, whose study will appear next March in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, eating fruits and vegetables with yellow or orange pigments (called carotenoids) produces a yellow hue in white skin.

What's attractive about that, you might think? But the study also looked at the relationship between skin colour and attractiveness. The researchers asked 40 volunteers to rate 51 Caucasian faces according to how healthy and attractive they thought they looked. And the results suggest that people find those with white skin that has a yellowish tone particularly attractive.

Well it's one way to get us to eat more fruit and veg. And if you're not that keen on carrots there are lots of other foods high in yellow carotenoids to choose from, including sweet potatoes, apricots, papayas, yellow plums, mangos, pumpkins, nectarines and oranges - basically all the fruits and veg that are orange or yellow in colour.

Eating lots of carotenoid-rich foods for just two months is enough to give you that healthy yellow tone the researchers claim could boost your looks, they add.

There again, you could always try one of the many beauty products that harness the power of carrots - but it's probably cheaper (and, if the researchers are right, even more effective) just to eat lots of them.

What food makes you feel or look more beautiful?

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