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Six Of The Best: Ways To Create A Luxury Bedroom

A bedroom should be more than just a place to sleep. It's your sanctuary – a place to shelter from the stresses of the day and to relax. So think hotel standard and take the time to make it somewhere special.

Here are our tips on how to make sure that at the end of the day, you retreat to the luxurious and relaxing space you deserve:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=944970&pid=944969&uts=1287565456

6 of the best: Ways to create a luxury bedroom

There's nothing like the peeling back of freshly washed and perfectly pressed, crisp white sheets to help recreate the magic of a five-star luxury hotel. Yet too many of us give little or no thought to settling down for the night under cover of the same old bobbly bedding month after month. Make quality bed linen a priority. And don't save your best for guests – use it yourself. If it's been a while since you invested, go for quality. You'll use it every day and you deserve it.

Elsa bed linen in 400 thread count organic cotton, from an award-winning range at Fou Furnishings

6 of the best: Ways to create a luxury bedroom

There is great joy to be had in not having to get out of bed to turn off the light after you finish reading - and in thereby not stepping on anything sharp on the return journey. For a truly relaxing hotel feel you need lighting options in the bedroom - full and bright for morning make-up application, dimmers for the evening wind-down and always, always bedside lights. Although I'm not usually one for "matchy-matchy" interiors, to achieve pleasing hotel-style symmetry go for matching lights (preferably on matching tables) at either side of the bed.

Pink mercury table lamp, £65, Graham & Green

6 of the best: Ways to create a luxury bedroom

For an impressive hotel look and a cosy feel, layer on the blankets and throws. Perfect to wrap around your shoulders as you wind-down with a good book, great for a bit of extra warmth as the nights get chillier and an easy way to add texture and colour.

Elsham chunky knit blankets in natural and duck egg blue, £100, Laura Ashley

6 of the best: Ways to create a luxury bedroom

There is a Facebook group devoted to the joyful feeling of "Turning your pillow over to get the cold side". As at the time of writing, 240,330 people like it. Proof positive of the simple joy that a great pillow can bring. So throw out the sad, yellowing synthetic ones we all have lurking in the airing cupboard and invest in a little piece of heaven at the end of every day. You won't regret it.

Hungarian goose down pillow, £60, John Lewis

6 of the best: Ways to create a luxury bedroom

Inject some glamour and start your day as you mean to go on. Sitting comfortably in good light in your cosy bedroom to apply your daily defences certainly beats balancing your make-up bag on the edge of the sink every morning. A table with drawers is the key to avoiding the cosmetics clutter that can otherwise ruin the sleek, luxurious hotel feel you're after.

Carlton dressing table, £850, The White Company

6 of the best: Ways to create a luxury bedroom

If you've got the space, there's nothing like adding a reading chair to add a sense of opulence to a bedroom. Perfect for when you're not quite ready for bed but just want some peace and quiet.

Hanover armchair in cream and lime, from £575, Kalusto

6 of the best: Ways to create a luxury bedroom

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