31/01/2011 15:38 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Diary Of A Six-Year-Old: Florence From France

France, French flag There's a girl in our class at the moment from France.
France is not very far away from England. Some people can swim to France. I think I would like to swim to France too. I could I think. I've already got my Starfish 10 meters badge.

She is called Florence. She talks funny and she gets a bit angry because we say her name wrong. When she says it it sounds a bit like she has a snotty nose.

She's staying at Rachael Mowberry's house because her mummy and daddy are friends with Rachael's mummy and daddy. It makes us all laugh when she talks to Mrs Thompson because she calls her My Damn Thompson. Mrs Thompson doesn't seem to mind that she's using a naughty word. It's probably because she's from another country. I think if I said that word I'd get into lots of trouble with mummy.

Mrs Thompson has taught us all how to count to ten in French. She gave us homework too which she doesn't usually do but we had to because of Florence. We had to find out something about France and tell the rest of the class. I forgot that we had to do it though. In the end I remembered something I heard daddy saying to mummy when I was on the toilet. So I used that even though I didn't really understand:

"They speak French in France because we made sure they didn't have to speak German"

Mrs Thompson just said it was good that Florence doesn't speak much English.