11/02/2011 17:10 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

A Mother's View

Arrive home on half day off and check the growing 'To Do' list.

Print invites
Cut ribbon trimming
Fray edges
Sew on buttons

Having painstakingly set up the paper margins (oh, for a techy brain), and done numerous practice print runs on scrap paper, settle down and nervously print final copies on the actual card. (Is the wording right?? Too late now!)

Phew, loving how it looks, now to trim and fold. Again hoping I don't inadvertently shave too much off.

Relieved that I don't have to repeat the process with outside covers and envelopes, as Paperchase have fortunately come up with the exact, beautiful petal-covered handmade paper.

I assemble the cards and now all that is left to be done is the trim.

My daughter has tastefully chosen a cream tape to be attached with a button, (I'm sure tying a raffia ribbon would have been quicker, but don't argue with the bride!).

I tip out my Grandmother's button box and waste many minutes sifting through the buttons and reminiscing over which dresses they came from.

Had I realised how much work fraying the tape and sewing on the buttons would be, I may well have told her to think again!

Oh, but they do look lovely... hope she likes them.