13/02/2011 19:48 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Eggs-Cellent? Lady Gaga Arrives At The Grammy Awards In A Giant Egg

Lady Gaga Grammy Awards red carpet egg Lady Gaga arrives at the Grammy Awards in an egg. Photos: Getty Images

What's the world's most famous popstar to do when she's run out of OTT dresses to wear on the red carpet? Get carried in hidden in a giant egg obviously. How eggstravagant!

Here we were thinking there was nothing Lady Gaga could do to shock us on the red carpet anymore. Luckily we aren't too proud to admit when we end up with egg on our face (sorry it had to be done).

Escorted by four beefcake boys and one otherworldly looking woman, Gaga waved to the hordes of photographers and adoring fans from inside the cloudy casing of her custom made pod. But don't fear for the diva's safety, the egg's practically equipped with a large air hole at the rear.

You know, we've always said Lady Gaga really needs is to come out of her shell just a little bit (last one we promise).

Check out what a difference a year makes: the egg makes what Gaga wore to the Grammys last year look positively understated by comparison.

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