18/02/2011 16:11 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

My Name Is Carla Bevan And I Am A Wedding Blog Addict

I blame Nearly Married Friend for my wedding-blog addiction (nearly married because her wedding was due in December, and got snowed off, re-scheduled for end of March).

After the proposal (mine, not hers) last April, she introduced me to and I have since spent what I calculate to be about 452 hours* in each other's co-dependent company (* may not be accurate). Actually not co-dependant; probably survives quite adequately without me, although must have enjoyed at least a 200% uplift in page views since I started logging on.

Essentially, a daily update of real-life weddings, but the real-life weddings you'd actually want your real-life wedding to be like, not the schmaltzy, OTT ones in all the bridal magazines, it's all DIY decorations, vintage dresses and chandeliers hanging from trees (how do they do that, and actually have the lights working?). Today you can see photos from The Fonze's daughter's wedding – yes, the actual Fonze from Happy Days. How cool is that?

Along the same lines, and avoiding any wedding sites that actually want to sell you something, I've also fallen for, which is pretty similar (excuse the pun) to

And when all that American cuteness gets too much, is a beautiful site set up by a British fashion journalist, who started a blog when she was getting married and has since carried on writing about her love for all things vintage. There are stacks of great ideas to steal.

Finally, if vintage isn't your thing, another friend recommends, which profiled her ultra-cool bash a couple of years back and, which didn't feature her wedding, but is worth a click nonetheless.

Now if I can kick the habit, I might get some actual wedding planning done, rather than just in-my-head planning, which is the most fun kind, but doesn't translate into food on the tables or drinks in anyone's glasses.