09/03/2011 14:37 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Delivers Neighbour's Baby After Ambulance Trapped In Snow

Tanya Shields delivered neighbour's Joanne McLean's baby A mum delivered her neighbour's baby - after an ambulance became trapped in the snow.

Tanya Shields, 23, turned widwife when Joanne McLean, 29, went into labour at home in Alloa, Scotland.

When Joanne started having severe contractions, she rang Stirling Royal Infirmary, but was told a crew would be at least an hour.

As Joanne's contractions started moving closer, mum-of-two Tanya, who lives downstairs, was alerted by her cries of pain.

Tanya was forced to turn midwife when the 999 operator told her the ambulance crew wouldn't arrive in time because of the hazardous conditions.

Tanya said she "almost fainted" when the operator told her she would have to deliver the baby.

She told The Scottish Sun: "The operator told me 'Get her down on the floor'. I asked her why, and she said she had timed the contractions and I was going to have to deliver the baby.

"I couldn't believe it, my heart just stopped. I thought I might have fainted. I just got her down and tried to talk her through it. I tried to stay calm and tell her to push. I was surprised how calm I was but I think I had to be for Joanne's sake."

Joanne gave birth to Ben, who weighed 7lbs 4½oz, on Wednesday evening.

Ambulance crews arrived around ten minutes later and took the new mum and baby to Stirling Royal Infirmary.

Joanne, now recovering at home, added: "Tanya came up when she heard me.

"The woman on the end of the phone talked her through it and the next thing Ben was here.
Tanya was brilliant. Even the ambulance crew couldn't believe how well she had did."

Last night a Scottish Ambulance Service spokesman said: "We are delighted everything turned out well for mother and baby thanks the team effort of our call-taker, the neighbour and the ambulance crew that were involved."

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