09/03/2011 14:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Sales Of Pregnancy Tests On The Rise. A Baby Boom In The Recession?

pregnancy kit Tesco have reported a massive surge in the sales of pregnancy tests, suggesting that despite the recession, 2011 could see something of a baby boom.

Figures show that the demand for tests has risen across all retailers in the last two years, with a 31% increase in sales, but Tesco - which accounts for nearly a third of all the sales - says the surge is continuing.

Joy Wickham, Tesco's pharmacy buyer said: 'The present recession has forced a tightening of the purse strings but while people may not have had as much money for little luxuries like going out to restaurants and the theatre it seems to have led them to seek pleasures elsewhere.

'The sales appear to be related to the state of the economy as they started to rise just after the recession started in 2008 and carried on into 2009.

'Sales tailed off slightly about a year ago but sales in the last few months have started soaring again.'

But whilst pregnancy testing kit sales remain bouyant, condom sales have said to have fallen. Funny that.

We're still treasuring today's fascinating fact - Tesco sells a third of all pregnancy kit sales! - and imagining women picking up their pregnancy kit amongst their weekly shop or alongside their sandwiches.

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