Teenager Calls Police After Parents Take Away His Xbox

A teenager from Illinois, USA, called the cops on his parents last week - after they committed the terrible crime of taking away his Microsoft Xbox 360.

The 15-year-old from Buffalo Grove reportedly called 911 after his mother and father removed the computer games console.

What the teenager had done to deserve such awful treatment has not been revealed.

Apparently, outraged by his parents behaviour, he phoned 911 and then hung up.

But the call was traced and police advised the stroppy teen that his parents were entitled to punish him in this way.

Buffalo Grove police commander Steve Husak told ParentDishUS that all abandoned calls in the area are traced and police officers will attend the address where the call came from.

Husak said: "When officers responded, they saw it was a domestic situation.

"The centre of the argument was that his parents were punishing him and he wanted clarification of whether or not they could do that. Officers advised him that yes, that was in fact a punishment."

Husak said officers went on to tell the teenager that his parents were perfectly entitled to take away his Xbox and that he should try to follow the rules of the house.

Apparently the boy finally agreed to behave.

I hope they also gave him a good talking-to about the correct use of 911 and about wasting police time. Whatever his original transgression was, calling the emergency number has got to be viewed pretty seriously.

Taking your teenager's Xbox away sounds like a perfectly reasonable punishment to me. But considering this is the USA, I'm surprised the boy hasn't set lawyers on his parents to sue them for emotional distress.

What's the best way to punish a teenager? How would you punish this boy for calling 911?

Source: ParentDishUS