11/03/2011 15:38 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Best &Amp; Worst Dressed Of The Week: 12 March

Since we're always on the lookout for great celebrity style, here's a round-up of this week's best-dressed. And since there are often fashion misses among the hits, we couldn't resist pointing out those looks that were better off left on the hanger.

Check out our latest instalment to see which stars nailed it and who was a fashion mess. And don't forget to check back each week to see who made the cut.

And this week, all our winners are in Paris Fashion Week designers - it's our way of saying, au revoir until next season.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=991149&pid=991148&uts=1299857905

Best & worst dressed of the week: 12 March

5 March: Blake Lively in Chanel at a Chanel dinner in her honour during Paris Fashion Week

We can see why she's Karl's new mademoiselle. Lively looks stunning in this silver sequinned and ruffled dress. C'est magnifique!

Best & worst dressed of the week: 12 March

4 March: Mel B at the grand opening of Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Las Vegas

Sorry, Mel, but this dress is more tart than sweet: the frock's hue is a garish yellow (and doesn't need the floral detailing, either), the booties are tacky and don't match and the extensions look fake. Miss!

Best & worst dressed of the week: 12 March

7 March: Amanda Seyfried in Lanvin at the premiere of Red Riding Hood in Los Angeles

This is a great red carpet choice for a young starlet - demure yet still sexy, we love this look on Seyfried. Bonus points for the fab accessorising - the chunky necklace looks great and the (toned) bare legs and beige harness heels are just right.

Best & worst dressed of the week: 12 March

10 March: Chloe Sevigny at the GO International Designer Collective Launch in New York

We're not quite sure what happened here, since Sevigny is usually so spot-on with her quirky fashion choices. The slicked-back hair and red lips are way too much, and the bondage-style masculine-meets-feminine approach (oversized blazer and bowtie paired with garters?) doesn't work. And let's not even get started on the oversized jungle print shirt-dress...

Best & worst dressed of the week: 12 March

9 March: Mia Wasikowska in Elie Saab at the premiere of Jane Eyre in New York

The Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre star is still a relative newcomer on the red carpet, but this look is picture-perfect. The Elie Saab gown is stunning and still playful, and her slightly dishevelled updo complements the dress and her face.

Best & worst dressed of the week: 12 March

8 March: Avril Lavigne at the release party for her new album, Goodbye Lullaby, in New York

Avril's still rocking the punk-princess look, which has its moments - unfortunately, this isn't one of them. Too much going on with all the different fabrics (sequins, satin, tulle), the stripy multicoloured hair, the combat boots and the jewellery.

Best & worst dressed of the week: 12 March