11/03/2011 22:28 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kids' Film Review: Despicable Me

Despicable Me Despicable Me, coming soon on DVD and Blu Ray, is a mischievous film where the hero and the baddie are one and the same.

Steve Carell voices superbad Gru, who prides himself in being the meanest meanie around. Until, that is, he meets three little orphan girls who teach him that there's more to life than being bad. Yes I know that sounds hugely cheesy and you can tell from the outset where the plot is going, but it's still very funny and definitely worth a watch.

Other voices to listen out for include Russell Brand as Gru's trusty henchman Dr Nefario, and Julie Andrews, who connects with her dark side as Gru's thoroughly nasty mother.

Unusually for a children's film, the DVD and Blu Ray have a really good selection of extras included - there's the obligatory behind the scenes documentaries, plus games and original short films featuring the cute yellow minions.

On its cinema release, this film seemed to get mixed reviews from families - whilst many loved it, some parents I spoke to weren't so keen. We've watched it several times now and really enjoyed it. If you're facing a rainy February half term, this is a good choice for a cinema on the sofa afternoon.

It's a certificate U so is suitable for all, though I think children from 5 and over will enjoy it most. There's a small amount of peril, but this is quickly defused by humour, and there's nothing out and out scary about it.

Despicable Me is released just in time for half term on 21st February in DVD, Blu Ray or a combined pack with both formats. RRP from £19.99, best price is currently £9.97 at Amazon