12-Year-Old Girl Defies School Ban On Nose Stud - With Mum's Support

A 12-year-old Liverpool school girl has been ordered to remove her nose piercing by Monday or find another school.

Keira Tucker had the stud put in her nose as a 'late Christmas present'. Her 38-year-old mum, Donna, had a matching piercing done at the same time.

Her teachers at Hilbre High School say the stud contravenes uniform policy and must be removed.

Defiant Mrs Tucker defended her daughter's right to wear the stud, telling the Liverpool Echo it was a 'human rights issue' and that her daughter was 'her own person' and not 'a robot'.

Hilbre High School's head teacher Jan Levenson said piercings were not part of school uniform, and posed a very real health and safety risk. She said she hoped to meet with Mrs Tucker to reach an 'amicable outcome', adding that all parents signed up to the uniform rules when their children joined the school.

Mrs Tucker said other children sport 'snake bite' piercings (studs below the lip) and that a teaching assistant at the school wore a nose stud. She vowed to 'fight' the school.

What do you think of this story?

Is Mrs Tucker right to allow her daughter to have her nose pierced and defy school rules?

Or is 12 just too young to be sporting piercings?