19/03/2011 22:46 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Who Would Your Child Swap You For? Victoria Beckham Or Marge Simpson

Who would your child swap you for? Victoria Bekham or Marge Simpson New research from Swapit, the UK's online swapping and trading community for young people, has revealed that more than half (53 saying they wouldn't swap their pet for anything – sore news for parents considering 47 of children said they'd swap their families but not their pets, so I'd get my own back by trading in my son's cat. I'd spend the cat food money on gin and chocolate, and if the new children wanted to show me their appreciation I'd allow them to buy me a small pony to replace the cat.

In case my children ever read this: I wouldn't really.

But if I ever catch you answering a survey about which famous mum you'd swap me for, you'd better come up with something more inspiring than Marge Simpson or Victoria Beckham.