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Amanda Holden Loses Baby Boy: Star 'Unable To Function' After Stillbirth

Amanda Holden with Chris Hughes A friend of Amanda Holden - who tragically lost her unborn baby boy last week - has said the devastated mum is 'unable to function'.

Amanda and husband Chris Hughes had been expecting to welcome their new son in March. They had only publicly announced the pregnancy four weeks ago, following a miscarriage last year at four months.

The unnamed source told the Daily Mail that the little boy was 'physically perfect', and medics had no idea why he had died.

The friend said: 'There is no reason for this at the moment, the doctors have no idea what happened. Amanda was filming the Britain's Got Talent auditions in Birmingham the day before and just said she was popping to the hospital for reassurance as she had not felt the baby kick. Up until then, he had been really active and she kept saying that he was a real squirmer. The next thing we knew, Chris rang up to say what had happened.'

They added Amanda will 'never be the same again' after the tragedy:

''At the moment, Amanda is just unable to function, I don't think it's even begun to properly sink in yet. She will never be the same person after this. The baby was physically perfect, just beautiful. Amanda had regular scans all the way along her pregnancy, and they showed that everything was fine. There was absolutely no warning.'

Amanda is reportedly now under sedation.

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