24/03/2011 11:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Control Tights And Pants For Pregnant Mums - Would You Disguise Your Bump?

Spanx Maternity Footless Pantyhose Sales of maternity 'control' pants and knickers from hosiery manufacturer Spanx are said to have doubled in the UK in the past two years.

The pants and tights claim to offer support and comfort for mum's burgeoning bumps - but with celebs openly admitting they use pregnancy control wear to look good in red-carpet gowns, is suppressing a pregnant tum just one maternity-dressing step too far?

Dannii Minogue says she wore control pants to firm up her bum for photo calls when expecting her son Ethan, whilst Tess Daly evangelised about control knickers when pregnant with her second daughter.

And what about Amanda Holden? Is control wear the secret behind her apparently flat tum, despite being six months pregnant? It would seem so - Miss Holden has been reported as saying: 'The Spanx served me well.'

The control tights and pants may also prove popular with women in the early stage of pregnancy, who might not want to tell colleagues their news before their first or even second scan.

The products have been critised by health-care providers - Dame Lorna Muirhead, the former president of the Royal College of Midwives told the Daily Mail that women should be thinking of their baby and not their body when pregnant, adding: 'These tights sound like the last bastion of vanity. Women should think about this and be proud of their bumps and not worried about holding them in.'

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