24/03/2011 13:56 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

DNA Blood Test For Down's Syndrome

DNA blood test The BBC have reported that a DNA blood test for Down's syndrome could save nearly all pregnant women from invasive tests like amniocentesis.

Invasive testing - which slightly increases the risk of miscarriage - is currently carried out in 3 of pregnant women in the UK.

The new method involves testing the blood of pregnant women for genetic signs of Down's syndrome. In test, two levels of the test were compared, with the more accurate identifying Down's in 100 chance of a false positive, meaning there was a possibility that babies identified as having Down's syndrome did not.

Reporting on the news, the NHS Choices website said that 'Further large-scale assessments of the accuracy and feasibility of this test are needed before it could be introduced into standard care'.

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