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Kym Marsh: 'This Is My Last Pregnancy. It Is Too Heartbreaking.'

Kym Marsh Actress Kym Marsh has revealed she will not be having any more babies after the birth of her baby girl this spring.

Miss Marsh, 34, has said she simply could not 'go through this again.'

Speaking to OK! magazine, Kym said: 'I couldn't go through this again, it's too heartbreaking. I can definitely say my childbearing days are over, I'm just not equipped to deal with it at the grand old age of 34.'
The actress is currently 26 weeks pregnant and on maternity leave from Coronation Street. Earlier in the pregnancy, she was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix, and had a stitch inserted to help prevent early labour.

She and partner Jamie Lomas lost their first child together, a baby boy named Archie, in 2009 when he was born 21 weeks into the pregnancy. Kym said doctors did not know why Archie arrived so early: 'We don't know the exact problems we had with Archie, although I hate that term late miscarriage because I gave birth to Archie at 21 weeks and he was a fully-formed human being.'

Despite having been 'on eggshells' throughout her current pregnancy, Kym says she and Jamie are looking forward to their daughters arrival:

'It will all be worth it if she arrives here safely. I have no doubt that whenever she gets here she'll be A1. She's our little miracle, that's for sure.'

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