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Melanie Sykes: 'Wash Your Hair And Wear Some Masara On The School Run. That's The Least You Can Do.'

Melanie Sykes For those of us whose school run ensemble runs more towards yesterday's jeans, wet hair (well, it's washed, isn't it?) and a cover-all coat, bumping into Melanie Sykes on the school run might not be the start of a great self-image day.

Despite hitting the big 4-0 and being mum to two sons, Roman, eight, and Valentino, six, Melanie is the queen of sleek, not-a-hair-out-of-place style. Now she's hoping to instil some of that style into time-poor school run mums.

Formerly co-presenting Today with Des and Mel, she's back on our screens from tomorrow with a new series, School Mum Makeovers (Tuesdays, 8pm, Bio) and she's on 'a mission to bring a little glitz and glamour to Britain's mums'.

Every week Melanie and her glamour squad of beauty experts, led by hair king Nicky Clarke, will be surprising mums-in-need at the school gates before whisking them away for a day of pampering.

So what would be Mel's top, easy tips for looking good on the school run?
'Wash your hair, and wear some mascara, that's the least you can do.'

Melanie Sykes School Mum Makeovers Has she ever been tempted to wear PJs on the school run?
'God, no, I always give myself enough time for me and the kids in the morning.'

What are the school mum let-downs that we may fall in to too easily?
'Throwing anything on, not showering. Nobody has to look like they are ready for a party, but that at least they've looked in a mirror.'

What does she love most about being a mum?
'The kids give me so much joy, their personalities fill me up and make me laugh. There is never a dull moment when they are around.'

And what are the frustrations of being a working mum?
'The biggest frustration is finding quality time with the kids.'

Who are Mel's heroes - as mothers,and as people?
'Any woman who works and or runs a home and brings up a family. There is nothing more challenging.

What does she wish she'd known before becoming a mother?
'The huge feeling of responsibility once they are born. Nothing prepares you for that.'

Does she get stuck into boys' stuff with her sons? Is she a sideline football mum?
'Some of their interests can bore me to tears - Beast Quest books, Mario Brothers, fighter jets. But we are all Man Utd fans!'

As a divorced mum [Mel divorced Italian actor Daniel Caltagirone after eight years together in 2009], what advice would she have for others on being a single mum or for a mother going through a divorce now?
'Only that whatever you do or say, always have the children's best interests at heart.'

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