24/03/2011 17:26 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Single Parent Dad: Road Safety

Raising my voice isn't really my style, or forte.

But there are certain situations, ones I consider critical, where increased gravitas is required, and because of shouting being a rarity, when I do it, my child generally listens.

Something I am red hot on is road safety.

Living in a sleepy village we walk to school every day, but I take our safety on that journey very seriously.

It seems, not everyone is the same. Children nonchalantly wander across these roads, quiet though they usually are, and parents don't remonstrate. These are seemingly 'intelligent' children but clearly not when it comes to their own safety.

And with the icy conditions this week, folks unable to drive, or make proper alternative provision for getting safely to school have only exaggerated my safety worries.

I have changed our route to school: crossing the road, so we are not on the pavement most likely to be mounted by a parent losing control of their car.

And lose it they do. We have witnessed two 'crunches' this week.
At which times I have highlighted to my child how they were totally avoidable, and how unnecessary it was for them to happen.

But also used these hapless drivers to emphasise why we were on the other side of the road to usual.